The Art of Being Sphere

Luna Solterra is a collective narrative project that was born out of the heart of Stephen Bau amidst his experiences in the Design Science Studio. While this whole idea began as an experiment in creating a new Bauhaus, reimagining our social architecture, and engaging in a process of world building, it has evolved into a realization about an identity through a healing process and an ensoulment journey. Luna Solterra is the story of Stephen Bau discovering how the divine feminine is Spirit inhabiting his soul and guiding his intuition, breathing the breath of life into our physical presence in Universe.

What if we could imagine a future together through collaborative storytelling? What if we could go beyond imagination to engage in the process of design to prototype and build the world that we had imagined?
Design Science Studio
A (r)Evolutionary incubator for ART inspiring a regenerative future that works for 100% of life We are supporting global creators imagining an equitable and just future, because the future is always first an idea.

Luna Solterra was inspired by many people who have become part of her story of awakening in a time of crisis to the challenge of being human at a moment of opportunity and possibility that is unfolding in the here and now. We have this rare moment in time to meet this crisis as our whole authentic selves with creativity, intuition, heart, and emotional intelligence. We are a creative, collaborative, self-organizing learning community who are exploring how we imagine, design, and build the future together. We are writing the Co-Operating Manual for Being Human by finding our place in the story of Moon, Sun, and Earth, a cosmic dance of physics (experience), metaphysics (intuition), and pataphysics (imagination).

Luna Solterra, Art Critic by Stephen Bau (inspired by Norman Rockwell)

Life is the process of generation, degeneration, and regeneration that has made this human experience possible. However, we are not the centre of that experience. The more-than-human world is a vast web of relationships. Universe is an ocean of light and life, a living being.

We are connecting to ourselves to connect to each other to connect to the Earth to make a world that loves itself.

We are learning how to understand the interface that Universe has provided for navigating metaphysical gravity—the human experience: consciousness, perception, cognition, emotion, and action.

Luna Solterra is transforming the language of empire into the story of love.

Love is metaphysical gravity.

A proposal for the Living Systems Art + Design Collaboratory presented by Design Science Studio at the Buckminster Fuller Institute in partnership with habRitual + The Emergent Media DesignLab at the University of California, Irvine.
Love is Metaphysical Gravity
Take a moment, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and think about what you love most in the world. What are a few words to describe how you…

Exploring the relationships between feminine and masculine energies

The Music of the Spheres

Exploring the light and the shadow that is always in process in the complexity and diversity of the universe of human experience

I am inviting people who are making a world that works for all of life into my story. My story is the story of the universe. It is the same as your story.

I am embodying the narrative and the music of the spheres, of Moon, Sun, and Earth, as a way to explore what I think might be necessary before we are able to write the Co-Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. First we need to write the Co-Operating Manual for Being Human.

How do we know how to regulate our own emotions? How do we deal with feelings of helplessness, scarcity, and trauma so we feel capable of creating?

I was thinking that the synergy that is created from the polarities of light and shadow, feminine and masculine could expand to at least four characters that could represent how none of them are left out of the process to create a regenerative world together. I don’t think I could write something like that on my own. I would want to weave in the many stories and perspectives that are represented by our smaller self, the Design Science Studio, and by our larger self, the Earth we share, as a microcosm of the process of disintegration (entropy) and integration (syntropy) that catalyzes transformation (alchemy). To write a story of architectural alchemy is going to require a creative collaboration of the whole.

The Lord of the Rings includes maps and Middle Earth languages and poetry, with written forms to enrich the narrative. This narrative that I am embodying is attempting to decipher the language of Father Sun and Mother Moon. Their child, humanity, made from the dust of the Earth, made in the image of their father and mother, are still being formed in the womb of the Earth. They are only beginning to connect their neural network to begin to transcend the limits of their primitive oral and aural language systems. They are only beginning to realize that their bodies do not contain their conscious awareness. Their bodies are merely the heart-mind interface to access individual nodes of consciousnesses in the universal consciousness.

A Collective Narrative

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